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This beginning in our lives wouldn't be nearly as beautiful without each of you. You are the whys behind who we are today and we're so very excited to see you on May 18th!

may 18, 2018

The ceremony will begin at 6:00pm.


1100 Heritage Lake Drive
Columbiana, AL 35051

Every now and then people have trouble with their GPS. As you approach our property, the GPS may try to send you down Horton Cove Road. Do not turn there and it will redirect you. We will have signs that will guide you to the exact wedding location. 

The traffic shows up in crazy amounts on Friday afternoons in the summer. Between all of the people beach bound and the construction, I-65 South can be a long trek. We're hopeful that it won't be too bad, but want you to have a heads up so that you don't miss the ceremony. It will take you longer than you think to arrive. 


We are getting married on family property and celebrating under the stars, so pumps may not be your best footwear choice. The attire for the wedding is semi formal/dressy casual.

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